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Tankless provides on-demand hot water At Barker & Sons in Anaheim, we know that you count on having hot water when you need it. That’s why we not only install new hot water heaters, we also repair them when and if the need arises. You have a lot to consider when selecting a hot water heater for your home; you want a unit that will not only provide enough water for your family’s needs, but also one that will be energy efficient.

We’re Anaheim’s trusted experts in conventional and tankless water heater installation and repair. We don’t just install new water heaters, we help you decide what type and size is best for your home and family needs. We’re all familiar with the conventional storage water heater, but Anaheim residents may not know that they can get a 30% tax credit and a rebate from the gas company by installing a Tankless water heater.

Barker & Sons Expert Water Heater Services Include The Following For Any Make or Model, Conventional or Tankless Water Heaters:
  • Professional Installation—Certified Noritz and Bosch Prremiere Installation Experts for Tankless Water Heaters and Bradford White Conventional Water Heaters
  • Leak Repair
  • Gas Hookup To Gas Water Heaters
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Assistance With a Water Heater Specific To Your Needs
  • Test Pressure For Gas and Water

Here are Some of the Benefits of Switching to Tankless:

Demand (Tankless or Instantaneous) Water Heaters – these wall-mounted units heat water directly without the storage tank; there are compact and energy efficient—in fact, by installing a tankless water heater in your Anaheim home, you can get a 30% tax credit! Here are some of the benefits of switching to tankless:

• Endless Supply of Hot Water - Tankless water heaters offer you the luxury of enjoying a hot shower, even if you’re the last one in!

• Space Saving & Energy Efficient - Without a tank to store water, you not only save space, but you also reduce the risk of flooding! And because the tankless water heater heats water on demand rather than continuously heating and storing large amounts of water in a large tank, it is energy efficient. They use less energy and are environmentally-friendly.

• Fresh, Clean Water - Without a tank to store water, there’s no risk of harmful bacteria developing, which means you get fresh, clean water every time to turn your faucet on!

• Tax Relief - As part of President Obama’s restructuring plan, you can receive a tax credit up to 30% off the total invoice cost for the installation of certain tankless water heaters (up to $1,500). Not only can you receive a tax credit from the government, the gas company will give you a rebate, too—up to $200, depending on your unit’s efficiency rating.

• Tankless Hot Water Heaters are Green! By heating water on demand, a tankless water heater can reduce your monthly utilities bills by only heating water when you need it!

• 100% Same as Cash Financing!

Whenever you need to service your water heater, or install a new one, it is important it to have a certified professional handle. Barker & Sons Plumbing in Anaheim are trained experts in the installation and repair of conventional and tankless water heaters. We’ll even help you select the perfect gas or electric unit to fit your exact needs.

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  • Tankless water heater installation & repair
  • Conventional water heater installation and repair
  • Leak Repair
  • Gas Hookup to Gas Water Heaters
  • Test Pressure for Gas and Water
  • Regular Maintenance
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